Artistic is an Organisation staffed by highly qualified volunteers who mentor and support exceedingly talented young artists, who have challenges to overcome


Challenge: To allow each artist to determine their own self-sustainable futures within the art world. To promote the learning and careers of artists who are socially disadvantaged by an emotional or learning or physical or social need and are not in consistent full-time employment, through the continued development of their individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding of the arts.


Artistic works out of an established permanent Studio and exhibits in various Gallery spaces whilst seeking a permanent Studio / Gallery space. However, it will always explore the possibilities of “Pop-up” shows that increase the reputation of Artistic.


Our structure is based on three levels of support.

We have Core Group Artists. Then Guest Artists and finally Established Artists. At present we work with 3 Core Group Artists. 23 Guest Artists and 157 Established Artists

The Core Group Artists have an established place within our Studio space where they develop their own work under the tutorship of our Artistic Mentor. We provide the Core Group Artists with the resources and mentor-ship to produce their developing work and the facilities in which to do so. They are also given intense Art World experiences that consist of museum and Gallery visits alongside even more intense Private View events. They are expected to explore their work to the highest possible level and take an active role in the regular exhibitions that we run. They are also expected to support other artists, with tuition and increasingly develop their awareness of the way the art world machinery works. They should also explore the management, media and the practical organisational skills required to develop their own careers and that of Artistic.

Guest Artists are working artists within their own right but who also need support at a less intense level. They are artists who we believe require remote mentor-ship and exhibition experience. They have chosen to support our work and further the development of our own Core Group Artists whilst developing their own career possibilities with our support. 

Established Artists are working in an independent way on their own careers. They require exhibition experience and will bring their understandings to both group and solo shows to the betterment of the whole group while developing their own careers and that of Artistic.

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