Adventures of Artistic.

  On this page we will try and capture some of the amazing things that we get up to and the experiences that we have together with Artistic.

June the 12th Art Car Boot Fair : London

   Saturday June 4th 2016 Another successful year for the RBH 2016 Summer Fete.

           No sun, No rain, No wind, just a pleasant warm day.Raised in the region of £5500. 108 stalls, dog show, arena and entertainment. Artistic were proud to be there

What an amazing event ATG actually is. With amazing performances, special announcements, and a host of celebrities, this years   Autism’s Got Talent,  hosted by Anna Kennedy OBE and supported by Pineapple Performing Arts, was the best year yet! Autism’s Got Talent provides a platform that showcases an array of diverse talent from performers who are on the autism spectrum. Established by autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online, the event is changing lives and the perspective of autism. This year, as well as the UK, the now  renowned showcase offered acts from talented individuals and groups from around the world including Croatia, the US and Canada, proving what a global impact the event is having. The event also attracted the attention of key celebrities including Melanie Sykes,Lizzie Cundy, Robin Windsor and the BBC The A Word’s Lee Ingleby and Molly Wright. All who presented and introduced the performers on stage.It was an incredible event that we at Artistic were very proud to be part of. It was quite amazinfg for us because last year when we attended the show we were just visitors .This year we were exhibiting in the enterance and the foyer of the Theatre. We had great feedback on our show but the real focus has to be on those stunning performers and the incredible people who organised this society changing event . Way to go AKO!

   Autism`s Got Talent  The Mermaid Theatre , London 7/5/2016 Artistic : Exhibition Five


To celebrate a new series of exclusive lenticular releases by Eelus, the artist has decided to re-visit his most iconic and sought after work - Not Everything Is So Black & White.Since its initial release in 2010, the demand for this award winning work has been unprecedented. So with this in mind - artrepublic are thrilled to be showcasing what will be the final version of this classic piece.Eelus has worked hard to create his own 3D vision of this work, ensuing the finished pieces reflect his artistic intentions.We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of this beautiful new print at the Art Republic Gallery in Brighton. We were even luckier because we got to meet the man himself. The guys were thrilled to meet one of their real heroes;the first print Dean bought was "Chewbarber" by Eelus. Eelus chatted with the guys even  though the whole place was buzzing.Of course everything was sold out but what a great guy Eelus is. It was great to be there an meet him.The guys from Artistic presented him with one of their joint paintings as a small way of saying thank you for all the inspiration that Eelus has given them over the years. What a great night! 

Gilbert and George 8/12/15 White Cube Bermondsey BOOKSIGNING
AKOExpo at Brunel University 12/3/16     Artistic :Exhibition Four

We took part in this incredible AKOExpo at Brunel University. It was arranged by Anna Kennedy Online .Our Artists put on a great show. It was an amazing day. We met so many wonderful people. 





Our fourth  exhibition by our 3 "Artistic"Foundation Artists Zach Hampshire ,Dean Thomas and Bivek. We were joined in the exhibition by 2 guest artists  Faith Sugden and John Patrick Fletcher. 

        "Artistic : Exhibition Three" 
Pinewood Studios 17/12/15 

What an amazing way to sign -off the year. We had our final exhibition for 2015 at Pinewood Studios. It was an extraordinary venue. The office that has been used for countless other projects but most famously for "M"`s office in the Bond movies. We got together with some of our friends and supporters to explore some of  the possibilities for the year ahead. We were showcasing Artistic`s new work  and chatting about our exciting exhibition in London next year , "Artistic : Exhibition Four" as well as lots of other very exciting projects.

Our third  exhibition by our 3 "Artistic"Foundation Artists Zach Hampshire ,Dean Thomas and Bivek. We were joined in the exhibition by 2 guest artists  Faith Sugden and John Patrick Fletcher. 

Ai Wei Wei : Royal Academy 11/12/15

 Artistic had the greatest visit to the Royal Academy to see the phenomenal work of Ai Wei Wei. Everyone agreed that it was the greatest exhibition they had seen this year. All of us were deeply moved by his work. So powerful! So strong so beautiful.

24/11/15 White Cube ,Bermondsey

  If you have a group of artists who are emerging painters you dream of exhibitions where painterly issues are exposed and carefully examined through the work of diverse and accomplished painters. That is what "Walking the Tightrope does . It is a superb piece of curatorship and is a great resource for any artist. It was amazing to see such a wide and interesting range of experimental pieces in one place.Great inspiration .Thank you Mr. Jopling 

ARTISTIC were lucky enough to join Gilbert & George as they launched their latest publication THE BANNERS at the White Cube ,Bermondsey last night. It was a great occassion and both of the artists were very thoughtful and supportive. They took the time to listen to us as we explained what we were doing and they signed all of our books for this exciting show. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

  The excitement of a new Gilbert and George exhibition filled the White Cube with very keen art goers. They were all expecting another huge display of powerful and clever slants on our society and to perhaps meet the dynamic duo of the art world. Unfortunately they were away solving some other intergalactic crisis in another part of the galaxy and their exhibition was not the megablast of some of their recent shows. However this small exhibition tries to challenge bigotry with preconception. THE BANNERS exhibition tries to expose the prejudice that exists in our parts of our society by using the format of the simple protest banner. They are sharp and funny and they do point the finger at all of us and they do ask us questions. Perhaps that is all they are meant to do. They just make us stop for a minute and force us to question our own beliefs in the hope that we may see things more clearly. We were amongst the crowds that were missing the chance to meet our heroes. We were a bit sad they were not there but we know they will return. Bigger, Bolder and with another sideways glance at the world they live in. Bring on the next Gilbert and George exhibition!  

Gilbert and George 24/11/15 White Cube ,Bermondsey

Michael Craig-Martin 24/11/15 Serpentine Gallery

   What an amazing transformation. A few weeks ago the Serpentine was quite dowdy and really confusing.Interesting but it was a bit like a teenagers bedroom? The whole gallery is totally transformed by Michael Craig-Martin`s long awaited show.

  The feeling of the whole show is just invigiorating. The complete attention to detail is admirable and allows us to see our own world with his fresh eyes. Artistic were lucky enough to briefly chat with Michael and he was really generous and supportive. We wish him all the success in the world with this beautiful exhibition.  

  Simon Denny "Products for Organising"   24/11/15 Serpentine Gallery

                               "Artistic : Exhibition Two."

The Old Fire Station Gallery : Henley-upon Thames

12/11/2015   til   17/11/2015

An exhibition by our 3 "Artistic" Foundation Artists

Zach Hampshire ,Dean Thomas and Bivek

We were joined in the exhibition by 2 guest artists        Faith Sugden and John Patrick Fletcher

This was our second "Artistic" exhibition.

The Amazing Dan Baldwin 30/09/15 

 Sometimes we are very lucky. Y esterday was one of those days. We were asked to attend the Private View of the stunning Contemporary Artist Dan Baldwin. The show is absolutely amazing . It is full of his vivid  and intense paintings and the mesmerising new pots. The whole show was buzzing and the guys from Artistic had the best time ever. Dan was so kind and took so much time talking with the guys and explaining his work and listening to their experiences. It means a great deal to us that he was so positive and supportive when we know he must have been absolutely shattered from the setting up of the exhibition. We were then really lucky as we were invited to the After Show Party . The whole thing was an absolute blast . The show is amazing and a must for any working artist but the party was the best thing everyone celebrating a great event. We felt like we were part of it somehow. Thank you for a great night. 

 "The Serpentine presents the work of Simon Denny, an artist who works with sculptural installations that include print, graphics, moving images and texts. The first solo show of Denny's work in London, Products for Organising, is developed in response to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery and features new installations that revolve around contemporary radical management practices and the historical hacker organisational forms that may have inspired them."

  That sounds quite fascinating and we were all very excited to see the work of the bright new Kiwi artist to see what he would amaze us with. Unfortunately it was really not that great . We were all really dissapointed . It felt very flat and although there had been a huge amount of effort put into the whole idea it did not really work. We all kept waiting for something to happen .Nothing did. It just sat there like a badly displayed escapee from the Science Museum. Still seeing things that sort of don`t work produces lots of debate. 

DISMALAND 18/09/2015

Lockbund Sculpture Foundry
Lockbund Sculpture Foundry   12/05/15

We had the most fantastic opportunity to visit the Lockbund Sculpture Foundry. We were hoping that they would be able to help us in creating a mould for Bivek`s first version of his latest sculpture project.They have moved heaven and earth for us and we hope that they will have the first cast ready for our first exhibition on the 6th of June. 

They were fantastic and patiently worked through everything very carefully with us and they believe the can realise the project in time. We cannot thank them enough for their time and their patience. The Foundry itself is a wonderful place full of extraordinary pieces of work and the most skillful people you can imagine.

Lockbund artists foundry was set up by Simon Allison in 1993 and is dedicated to providing an excellent and personal service to artists all across the country.

Currently we enjoy the patronage of over 50 clients, members of the Royal Academy,The British Portrait society and the RSBS. We are situated just off the M40 near Banbury Oxfordshire making us accessible from all parts of the country.

We are a small to medium sized studio foundry and can cast anything from a thimble through to ten foot figures. We cast predominantly in bronze (LG3) but also cast in aluminium silver lead pewter and brass.

Like all foundries we pride ourselves in producing a high quality cast product and take particular care over the finishing and patination

"Artistic" Interview with Ann Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire
"Exhibition One"
The Oakwood Centre 
6th June 2015

Artism`s got Talent 2015

9th of May 2015


What an amazing evening. Along with hundreds of other very lucky members of the audience we were stunned and enthralled with the fabulous evening of performance at the Mermaid Theatre on the 9th of May 2015. Autism’s got talent is growing year by year, and celebrates their 4th year this year, becoming the leading charity and autism event. The “Artistic” Foundation artists were totally blown away with the talent and courage that they saw right the way through the evening. It was incredible.

Anna Kennedy OBE and her A Team Lisa Robins, Austin Hughes and Tally Nothey who are responsible for developing Autism’s Got Talent with the support of Pineapple Performing Arts discusses the success and ideas behind this amazing event; “Autism, like many issues is often shrouded with negativity and negative press. Autism’s Got Talent provides a platform and great opportunity to distinguish this, and replace it with hope, fun, laughter and positivity. All the acts involved in the past 3 years are extremely talented, and throughout the night they are in an environment that they can express themselves, make new friends and meet people from around the UK. Not only does it provide a springboard, it also boosts confidence and social skills, and new friendships for both adults and children. There are always several emotional moments throughout the day and evening of the performances. One experience Anna recalls is a group of children with autism, who find it very difficult to socialise began to play together, and a young student from Hillingdon Manor School announced how happy he was before launching into his performance.” Our Foundation Artists were inspired by the incredible performances and the confidence of all of the performers on the evening. It was amazing! WoW!


An exhibition by our 3 "Artistic" Foundation Artists

Zach Hampshire ,Dean Wilbraham and Bivek. We were  joined in the exhibition by 2 guest artists Hen Coleman and Faith Sugden

This was our first "Artistic" exhibition.



  Artistic was lucky enough to be invited to BBC Berkshire for an interview with Ann Diamond. Ann very carefully explained how and why "Artistic" came into being with the help of co-founder Richard Dolinski and Foundation Artist Dean Thomas. They both gave lots of information about how "Artistic" works and explained how we wish to go forward. Ann carefully made sure everyone knew about our upcoming exhibition at Woodley on the 6/6/2015 and was really warm and supportive to both of her guests. Dean said later, " I`ve never done Radio before that was really interesting and she was lovely .I`d like to do that again" What a great chance for Artistic.

"Patenation Day" 5/6/15

 Bivek had the greatest day at Lockbund Sculpture  Foundry . The Foundry had managed to get his first piece of sculpture cast in time for the exhibition. They are the most amazing craftsmen and women.

 When we got there we were just in time for tea and coffee. Everyday everyone comes together for a very welcome break together. It felt like a huge big family.

Once we had all had a break Jeff began the Patenation with Bivek and his firstpiece "Pawn".It was amazing to see Jeff covering the piece in different liquids and then blasting it with the flame . Bivek was awe struck . Jeff is a very accomplished craftsman who makes sculpture himself. Jeff did not rest until Bivel`s piece was exactly as he wanted it. It was unbelievable.

 We are eternally grateful to Simon and all the rest of the wizards at Lockbund . Thank you so much. What a day!



We all had the thrill of being at the new Marc Quinn exhibition in town. The guys all enjoyed the excitement of the private view meeting lots of new people and seeing Marc Quinn’s first exhibition in London for quite a few years.

  They marvelled at the beautiful stainless steel giant shells which are just breath-taking. We had a huge discussion about the new paintings as painting is something which we are all quite close to at the moment. In the end we were unconvinced by the paintings although there were elements within them that we all could appreciate. Bivek just kept returning to the shells. One sculptor in awe of another.  Most of all though it was a fabulous event and a great opportunity to explore. The White Cube and the relentless work of its owner Jay Jopling have been an inspiration to our artists since they were all quite young and the White Cube`s  contribution to their development as artists has been immeasurable.

  It`s a great exhibition you should definitely check it out.


  • Marc Quinn: The Toxic Sublime is at White Cube Bermondsey, London, from 15 July to 13 September 

Artistic visit to Marc Quinn`s The Toxic Sublime at White Cube Bermondsey 14/7/15


No really this was what we had to do to keep the piece working. Lockbund had to drill right the way through the piece to allow Bivek to finish the sculpt of the King and then get it readt for casting. we are sure that Lockbund are the most exceptional partners to have when you are trying to create any form of sculpture. They are so careful and proffessional and give us so much care and time they are amazing. Thank you.

Meeting Peter Blake at the Art Boot Sale 30/08/15

 When we were at the Art Boot Fair in Margate we were lucky enough to meet the legendary Peter Blake. He chatted with the guys for a little while and he gave them this very sould advice  ... "Work hard learn to draw and make your own luck". Great advice and what an honour to meet such an amazing ,influencial man. WoW !

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