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Eelus , Nick Smith, Bridget Riley , Peter Blake , Guy Denning, Trisha Lambi , Damien Hirst, Sara Pope , Ray Richardson , Dave Bounaguidi ,  Dieselbro ,Jake and Dinos  Chapman , Ben Eine , Pure Evil , Sophie Long,  Static , Sophia Backwell, Paul McGowan,  Mason Storm ,   Magnus Gjeon,   Gilbert and George , Jeff Gillette , Joyce Treasure, Hayden Keys , RYCA ,Louise McNaught , Gavin Turk , Jimmer Wilmott, Polly Morgan , Mr.C, Chemical X  , John Caulty , Richard Berner ,  Phil Davison , Pez, Danielle D , Remain Human ,Lumagro ,  Innes Barros, Tim Jones , John Curtis,  Holly Searle , JKRX ,Chris Boyle ,  Pixels Pencil , Phenna , Pahnl , Nick Adcock ,  James Ame72 , Whatsisname, Jenny Saville, Don McCullen, David Bailey , OBEY, Antony Gormley,Alkali Acid , Alexander Chen ,Willie Louw, …..














ARTISTIC     is a non-profit  mentoring programme  for  emerging artists ”           





























The aim of “FIVERSFORARTISTIC” is to collect 250 old fivers and convince important contemporary artists to sign and then decorate the fiver in any way they wish making the note completely original. Artistic will then auction the collection of fivers to raise enough money to launch Artistic as a charity. We have had a great response so far  from some amazing artists ranging from Peter Blake to Mason Storm and the wonderful duos of Gilbert and George and the Chapman Brothers. We have now collected 207 completed fivers but we desperately need more . Where is the BANKSY fiver ? We have a wonderful note from the incredibly lovely Damien Hirst. Come on let’s make this happen in 2020 ? We know it can be done!