Help Felix get an autism assessment.        


After seeking professional help, we have been advised it is approx. a 15-18 month waiting time to get a child's assessment for autism spectrum disorder.

With no help in the interim, we are being pushed to crisis point! Felix's mental well-being is rapidly declining and without the assessment (as they suspect autism) other services will not help him.

The Lorna Wing Centre for Autism are internationally recognised for their pioneering work in the diagnosis of autism and related conditions. They offer privately funded diagnostic assessments which would be a much quicker avenue.Getting a diagnosis is a critical milestone to unlock barriers for essential support and services.

Please, if you can, help towards funding the assessment so that our 13-year-old boy can get the support that he deserves, before he deteriorates even further.














James Tattinham is Felix`s Dad and he would really like to speed up the campaign for his son. He has just completed a brand-new piece "Suffercation". James would love to sell this to help raise money for his son`s campaign. The piece is up for sale with a reserve price of £3,000. If this is raised, then Felix can gain that much needed assessment. If you would like to support James and in turn help his family and his son Felix then please go to ….

Pledge whatever you can because every little helps. If you would like to support Felix by purchasing his father’s painting, then pledge £3,000 and the piece will be yours as a gift of thanks.

James Tattinham is a combat veteran, based in Wiltshire. He is a self-taught artist. James currently uses painting as an outlet to offload his feelings when words fail him. James explores evocative images of much-loved animals to explain his compelling visions of human resilience. His recent work is beginning to explore the complex balance between personal suffering and the transformations caused to the human being.

 “Suffercation” is inspired by his PTSD. It explores his feelings of not being able to breathe; unable to escape reality. You cannot physically see PTSD. He wanted to show what it can feel like to live as a

prisoner to your own mind!                      (Acrylic 18” X 24”)

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